Professional Photography and writing

High-Quality, Creative Photography


My Background


I've loved taking pictures since I got my first camera in high school. Over the years I developed my skills as a photographer and got access to better equipment. I am getting a journalism degree from the University of Florida with a focus on photojournalism.

Photography and Journalism

Police photojournalism gainesville florida richard spencer protest

I have a passion for telling stories, and my favorite way to share them is visually. I love writing, but imagery has the power to captivate an audience and immerse them in a narrative. I love covering stories using creative and interesting photos.

Commercial Photography

Professional Food Photography Shot in Florida

Outside of journalism, I also work freelance in other fields of professional photography. I have experience in shooting food, professional portraits/headshots and sports as well as other subjects. If you want a professional photo of something, I am willing to take it.